Fun Night For All

Our Talent Night was a fantastic sucess. Who knew we had so much talent sitting in our pews! Congradulcations to all our participants, together you really made an entertaining and enjoyable night. A big think you to Gaylene for hosting the night. Yes, that was our seriously dedicated Church Treasurer under all that makeup, wig and glittery clothing! Our Pathfinders and leaders did a splendid job catering the snack bar. They would like to thank you for your kind donations, including Gold Class auction money and sale of food. All up over $500 was raised towards the PAthfinders Camporee expenses. Special thanks to all the behind the scene helpers who stepped up to the mark and volunteered their time to help put the concert together and make it run so smoothly. Great team effort.

Remember: A church that playes together, stays together!

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